Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Megan McCafferty

As many of you know, especially my fellow booksellers, I love the Jessica Darling Series (Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings and soon Perfect Fifths). You know this cause I have raved about these books, I have recommended them to every customer who seems to have a similar taste in books and cause I have included "Meet Megan McCafferty" on my 101 list. Well, she is having a senryu contest to win an Advanced Reader Copy of the fifth and final book… and my entries are below. Some spoilers included, so if you haven’t read/finished the books, don’t read these! And if you haven’t read the books, you should. Just ask those who I have convinced to do so :D

Sloppy Firsts
Loss of Hope and Heath
Plus meatballers and bimbos
Marcus is her Fall

Second Helpings
Jess, Marcus and Len
The end of youth and high school
You. Yes. You. means more

Charmed Thirds
College apart, while
Love may have the longest arms
Time is still fickle

Fourth Comings
Grown up, yet still green
No syllabus to guide life
No wedding either

Perfect Fifths
Sadness will remain
With the loss of good friends, but
Perfect Fifths=closure

The information from Megan’s (retro)blog about the contest:

Monday, November 17, 2008


84. Vote for the next President of the United States of America
Duh. How could I forget. I voted for the next President of the United States of America on November 4th. I woke at 7:00 to wait in line with my mom. It was a bonding experience and I promptly lost my voting stub after I voted. I'm awesome like that and therefore you get no photos. sorry. :)

#4 - Take tap classes
Monday nights in Swissvale at the Lori B. Dance Company. I cannot even begin to tell you about these classes. The teacher went to Point Park for dance, so she's pretty fantastic IRL. However, just because you are talented does not mean you should be teaching others. I'm not sure if it's that I'm used to my Aunt Dar or Pat from Pat's Dance studio... I guess I just expected something else. I'm keeping with the Tap class, and I'm taking jazz right after as well, because it is something different to do that I really do love and it's an excuse to see Deanna every week. It may not last much longer though. I am skipping out tonight to hang with my mom since Deanna isn't going.

59. Sell the elliptical machine
Sold to a one Kate Bennett, friend and coworker. She paid my required "friendship dues" and the elliptical became hers. We went to Luciano's the day they came to pick it up. And what a lovely day it was. Thanks, Kate!

It's snowing out and it's fabulous. I went to the Steeler game yesterday with my mom and stepdad. We were freezing and the game was a mess, but it was worth it. Good times :)
Look at that snow. I <3 winter

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 2008

November already... time is flying. I've been so busy, I barely have time to think. However, it's been great. Yoga continues every wednesday night, although it will be tomorrow AND wednesday this week.

#39. - Attend and dress for a costume party

Megan, myself and Katie @ Ryan's

Done and done. Twice.
I went to Ryan's pub for their big halloween event, which is a Breast Cancer fundraiser and generally an all around good time. This year was no exception, however it included a small amount of drama, a little more alchohol and a major crush on the married guy sitting next to us who looked just like Jason Segel. Sigh.
I also attended Deanna's halloween party, where I went as the whore. Not really... same outfit as Ryan's, just turns out that my Halloween costume happens to show clevage... and a lot of it. Everyone else was tastefully dressed.

By the time I went to Deanna's, I had the jewelery perfect... however, I had lost the headpiece. sad. I need to grab a photo of my shoes though... cause they were badass. :)

#1 - Take a cooking class

Me and Maria!

It. Was. Awesome. It was part of the Enthusiast Program through the Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh. I got there late... not that that's unusual, but made it in time to pick my recipe. Maria and I decided to make the steak and the pears for dessert. And holy crap, was it good. This wasn't real cooking though as they had all of the items ready for us on trays when we arrived. We also had students assigned to us for assistance. I wish we had assistants at home, they're so helpful and lovely. Anyway, we just did the basics but I think I could probably swing the pears at home... mmm, so delicious. It was a fun day and I have signed up for two more with my mom, because now she's intrigued. It should be fun.

I did however drop my camera at the class and have broken it permanently. So it was an expensive day as well since I must now buy a camera. Using my mom's temporarily.

More to follow. I realized I still don't have pictures of my car up so those will be coming and tap and jazz class will be discussed in the next episode. Hopefully, I will accomplish more items from the list as well, though they're looking a little difficult. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I cannot believe how long it has been since I started this blog... and how many things have happened already.

SO, an update. Some pictures. Some stories.

#1 - Take a cooking class - Scheduled for November 1
Registered with my friend Maria and we are taking a "cooking with wine" class. I figured I needed something more than the Appetizers class I really wanted to take. Maria likes wine. I told her we can't drink the wine, we are cooking with it. We'll see how it goes, depending on the amount of wine that actually makes it into our food. I am, however, quite excited to catch up with Maria!!

#102 - Row in a Regatta - Head of the Ohio
It was a sweaty and beautiful day. We had two boats in the race - one competitive, one non competitive (which I was in). Because I am extremely competitive by nature, I was disappointed in our ninth place in the race, but it was fun and a really good workout. The competitive boat came in fourth, so WooHoo for the MEETINs. It was a good showing. No pictures from on the water, as my mom decided not to come, but here are a few from after the race, before our volunteer duties.

Now that rowing is over:
#4 - Take tap classes
Monday nights in Swissvale, starting next week. I have brand new tap shoes that I bought while in Connecticut (My aunt teaches dance professionally and my uncle owns a dance shop). I can't wait.

#7 - Buy an impractical car
First item actually off my list. I will post a picture... when I stop procrastinating my purchase of the damn card reader from Amazon. I'm so lazy. HA, POSTED!

Nissan Altima Coupe - 2008 - Black - So damn pretty.
Bose speakers, leather, XM radio. I'm so pimp, it hurts :)

Speaking of Connecticut...

#73 - Gamble with Nick Zoller
We went to Connecticut in September for my cousin Nick's 21st birthday. My cousin is a professional poker dealer, so to play right next to him would have been ridiculous. However, we did go to Mohegan Sun casino for his birthday, ate at a lovely Mexican restaurant for dinner and played poker in the New Poker Room of The Casino of the Wind. http://mohegansun.com/sitelet/casino-wind/index.html. I played at a 2/4 Holdem table by myself (they assign you as seats open up.), my cousins randomly at other tables in the room. After an hour I had won 4 hands and when I finally left I had only lost $3. With just the basics of poker knowledge, I think I did ok. It was really nice to be there with the family :) No pics from the poker room, not allowed to take photos of the games, but pics from the dinner instead.

#94 - Finish the Harry Potter series (7/7)
Finished on Monday, October 6. It was lovely - I really did enjoy them and I'm so glad that I finally read them

34. Visit DJ’s Island with Chris
Done and done. It was a fun experience with Veronica and Chris. And now I have a membership number if I decide to go back again.

#32. Suck it up and go to the Outer Skin – find the shave gel you liked.
Done. Did it in September with Veronica, Chris's partner. I am so happy. I bought 2. And tried on a corset while I was there, which was pretty hot. :D

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok... sooo I cannot find my camera cord to my camera. Moving really messes up any organization that you can really have... not that I had much before.

It looks like I will need to order a memory card reader, as seen on my amazon wishlist below, and maybe the gorillapod while I'm at it. :D
Amazon Wishlist

Argh, I can't wait to update this. So much to show... and tell!

Monday, August 25, 2008


So I have actually completed 2 items on the list already, I just need to take a few pictures and upload them to the page. 2 down... 100 more to go. Yes, if you haven't noticed, I added a 102 upon the recommendation of my rowing coach. Row in a competitive race... Head of the Ohio - September 27.

The two items will be crossed off and pictures will be uploaded hopefully by the end of the week. I am currently on book 3 of the Harry Potter series and I have two recommendations for cds to check out.

Leave me a message if you can or would like to help with any of my projects. Otherwise, keep checking back for updates and photos!

Monday, August 18, 2008

101 things in 1001 days

1. Take a cooking class
2. Take an art class
3. Learn to drive with a stickshift/manual transmission
4. Take tap classes

5. Buy and fit into THE/ (or a, if they don’t have it any longer) gorgeous dress from Linton’s
6. Find reason to wear said dress
7. Buy an impractical car
8. Buy and wear a bikini
9. Buy something from Woot.com
10. Buy a case of RedBach, Framboise or Melbourne Bros. and Drink. It. All.
11. Buy nice underthings Some of my old fit like new! So just a few new!
12. Buy new, pretty/sexy/awesome glasses that I can wear regularly
13. Own something from Tiffany’s
14. Buy a new seatbelt bag. Figure out how to clean the others

15. Attend one of Megan McCafferty’s book signings for Perfect Fifths
16. Meet Meg Cabot
17. Turn 30 without getting old
18. Complete the 365 days project on Flickr
19. Sing karaoke
20. See a fortune teller
21. Pick fruit at a farm
22. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
23. Purge books from undergrad
24. Kiss under mistletoe
25. Watch the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower – August 2009
26. Send/give cards for important events – DON’T FORGET
27. Print photos from digital camera cards. Put into an album
28. Fly a Kite
29. See 3 concerts in 2009 (artists you have never seen before)
30. Reprint and frame the rest of Uncle Ti’s Vegas photos
31. Go to a Penguin game – cheer for fights
32. Suck it up and go to the Outer Skin – find the shave gel you liked.
33. Go rollerskating
34. Visit DJ’s Island with Chris
35. Be an extra in a film
36. Meet Jason Segel
37. Eat at Ritter’s diner
38. See Demetri Martin live
39. Attend and dress for a costume party

40. Get a Brazilian Wax
41. Have a professional bra fitting
42. Dye the tips of my hair pink
43. Have mole on nose removed
44. Get a massage
45. Have makeup done professionally (by an artist, NOT the people at the store)
46. Find out what, if anything, can be done about the Rosacea and fix it.
47. Wear more dresses/skirts
48. Go to the Hershey Spa with Mom and Aunt Cath

49. Floss every day for a month
50. Hot Yoga at least once a week
51. Get heart checked
52. Work on my arms
53. Run a 1/2 marathon
54. Play a team sport
55. Work down to a size 12 or less

56. Sell the broken bike
57. Sell the armoire
58. Sell the queen bed
59. Sell the elliptical machine
60. Declutter my storage unit, a.k.a. my apartment
61. Download all of the songs on my cassette singles and GET RID OF THE CASSETTES.
62. Move desk from storage
63. Figure out where to actually move my music from the computer
64. Learn how to use my external hard drive
65. Upload all of my cds into my Zune

66. Travel to LA
67. Visit Kerry in Georgia
68. See Cake live
69. Visit Ray in Seattle
70. Take a vacation somewhere where there are no family or friends to stay with
71. Fly first class
72. Whitewater raft down the New River with Jen and Gordon
73. Gamble with Nick Zoller
74. Bicycle with Mom and Bob
75. Go out of the country – requires use of passport, even if it’s just to Canada :)
76. Go to the cherry blossom festival
77. Go back to New Hampshire and the White Mountains
78. Visit the Crayola Factory
79. Vacation with friends (separate from the above items – Vegas maybe?)

80. Live by myself
81. Buy a fancy bedroom set
82. Find something as a career that I would love to do forever
83. Take the GRE/LSAT exams for Doctoral Program/Law School
84. Vote for the next President of the United States of America
85. Start using reusable grocery bags
86. Learn to make my mom’s spaghetti sauce
87. Successfully complete teaching my online class
88. Be completely credit card debt free for 6 months
89. Get rid of Ameriprise and figure out what to do with my investments
90. Put $10 in savings for every item accomplished on this list
91. Find storage for cds, dvds and boxes upon boxes of books.
92. Meet or discover a man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life
93. Do something with animals to relieve the sadness of missing Kirby

94. Finish the Harry Potter series (7/7)
95. Read 5 books recommended to me by a coworker/customer (0/5)
Looking for Alaska by John Green - Megan, Manager, Barnes and Noble
Heartsick by Chelsea Cain - Theresa, Manager, Barnes and Noble
96. Finish all unread books in my stack of things (will post number when I can grab them all)
97. Watch 20 (of the ones NOT pinked out) of the 250 movies voted by the users of IMDB.com that I have not seen before (1/20)
1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)- Friday, October 3 with Nate
2. No Country for Old Men - January with Joe
3. There Will Be Blood - January with Joe
98. Finish Watching DVD box sets: Veronica Mars Season 3, Sports Night, Carnivale, Dead Like Me Season 2… et al. Will add more as I open the boxes that contain these DVDs.
1. How I Met Your Mother (Seasons 1 - 3)
99. Listen to a whole cd from 5 new artists recommended to me by friends (0/5)

101 Things
100. Take and post pictures of all completed items on the list
101. Throw a party for completing 101 things in 1001 days

EDIT: 102. Row in a Regatta - Slated for September 27 - Head of the Ohio
103. Stop biting my nails